Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Want to be part of a Roq show?

If you attended the "Lush Life 2" opening last week you saw Mandy Greer's amazing giant "chandeliers" made from fabric, glass, and beads. Mandy is now getting ready for a giant installation at Roq la Rue in January 2011, and is enlisting help! Psst- she loves beginners! Don't be shy!

Mandy says:
"Closing Crochet Chocolate Gorging Party!

Come join me on the closing night of my show "Zuster Swoestor Systir" for some chocolate brown crocheting and some chocolate eating! I'll have a table full of all shades of chocolate brown delights, as well as a wild pile of brown yarns and fabrics to crochet. Come hang out and learn to crochet, chat with people you know and don't know, and relax before you head out for the evening.

The brown crocheting will all be combined together to make the roots of an ancient cherry tree, creating a chamber for slumber...I think. We'll see in the coming year. I'm in the early stages of work for a show at Roq la Rue Gallery in early 2011, a show about honey, lightning, gold, cherry blossoms, crossbill birds and white woodpeckers, nets of black hair and elaborate beards, all about the mercurial nature of desire (or so I thinkā€¦)

Beginners welcome, bring hooks and chocolate if you have them. Donations of old brown yarn and fabric always welcome!

RSVP so I'll have enough of the good stuff (which might include Chocolate Russians if I can get my act together!)"

Saturday, March 20, 2010
6:00pm - 10:00pm
Ohge Ltd. Gallery
831 Airport Way South, (Seattle)


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