Saturday, February 20, 2010

Up Next! Lush Life 2 Group Invitational

Madeline Von Foerster "Invasive Species" oil on panel

We are gearing up for our huge group show "Lush Life 2" opening Friday March 12th 6-9pm. We have a stellar roster of artists for this show and are super excited to get everything in and on the wall. Contact us if you'd like to be on the preview list!
We will be posting sneak peeks over the next few weeks so stay tuned.

Artists: Joe Sorren, Chris Berens, Marion Peck, Kris Kuksi, Travis Louie, Brian Despain, John Brophy, Martin Wittfooth, Ryan Heshka, Michael Brown, Charlie Immer, Mandy Greer, Gail Potocki, Laurie Hogin, Boomer, Madeline Von Foerster, Ryan Heshka, Andrew Arconti...


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