Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sneak Peek~ Martin Wittfooth

This gorgeous painting is entitled "Escaton" and will be on exhibit at Roq La Rue's "I'll Love You Til The End Of The World" show opening January 11th!

Martin says: "Eschaton" means "end times". It is a term that author/lecturer/philosopher Terence McKenna referred to often in his talks and so forth, however his angle on it was that the end of history as we know it could simply mean a collective change in consciousness, with a great deal of people "waking up" primarily with the help of such tools as psychedelics. Or if we don't all begin to wake up and soon, then there really is cause to worry about this term. The painting is a bit of an homage to him and these rants in particular, considering the theme of the show."


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