Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lush Life 3 Opens!

Michael Alm and his striking and completely hand built hyena sculpture " Crocuta Calvaporto " (image by Marlow Harris)

Last night was the very lively opening for Lush Life 3...the place was packed, rum punch was flowing, and loads of artists turned up to help celebrate our last show of the year!

Josh Keyes with his painting "Exodus 1".

John Brophy with "Little Black Angel"

Peter Gronquist with his machine gun deer sculpture

Install shot with Jessica Joslin's work in the foreground. (image by Rebecca Jones)

Mia Araujo's intense new painting "Requiem (For The Damaged), hours could be spent looking at all the details in this piece.

Madeline Von Foerster's new painting " Ny Alantsika (Our Forests) " Says Madeline: "This painting was inspired by Malagasy singer and songwriter Razia Said, who has become an ardent voice for forests in Madagascar, which are being burned and illegally logged at an alarming rate. Here she personifies the Rosewood tree (Dalbergia Latifolia), and appears with a few examples of the unique Malagasy fauna, which exist nowhere else on earth. Part of my proceeds from this painting will go towards Razia's Wildlife Conservation Society initiative to plant trees in Madagascar, and Roq La Rue gallerist Kirsten Anderson has also volunteered a generous contribution!"


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