Sunday, April 26, 2009

Other Things....

Roq La Rue is a supporter of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. The Trust is an amazing organization that saves and fosters orphaned baby elephants and raises them to return to the wild. In addition, the Trust does amazing community outreach by helping supply local schools and provide access to clean water. Poaching in Kenya is accelerating at a truly alarming rate, and we are trying to raise money to help. Our last print with Mark Ryden raised almost $50k for the Trust, thanks to all the collectors who bought them! In addition, Roq La Rue funded the outfitting of an anti-snare team. We will be continuing our series of prints for charity in order to try to keep a small cash flow headed to the Trust in such trying times. We are thrilled to announce our next one is with Camille Rose Garcia ! As always- every cent goes to the Trust, the artist donates use of the image, and Roq La Rue donates all the printing costs. We will be making a formal announcement when the prints are ready- but feel free to contact us to be placed on a waiting list!

Here is a video about the Trust:


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