Thursday, August 28, 2008

Roq la Rue in Amsterdam

This past week I went to Amsterdam to visit our December artist Chris Berens and his dealer, Robbert van Ham of Jaski Gallery. Robbert graciously put us up in his spare apartment overlooking the Keizergracht. We also got to visit with our artist and great friend Femke Hiemstra and see what she's been up to (a show in Hamburg!). One of the highlights (and there were many) was visiting Chris' studio and see his paintings in person. I knew they were good, but seeing them in person really astonished me. This will be an amazing, amazing show. We will have an interview we filmed with Chris up soon at Hi Fructose and will link it here as well!

a shot of Chris' studio


When you are dealin' art you have a lot of we are with Robbert van Ham (white shirt) and his gal Christine, and Chris (shaved head, big grin) and his girlfriend Esther!


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