Monday, October 29, 2012

New Josh Keyes Print!

 NOTE: We have updated this post as the sale will now be cash only. The print will cost $275.00 all inclusive.

Roq La Rue Gallery and Josh Keyes are pleased to announce the release of a very limited edition new print by Josh Keyes entitled "Exodus 1".

This print will be released on November 9th at 5pm and will be available to walk in clientele only. First come first serve, one per family. We will be taking CASH ONLY. Any left over prints will be released the following week on Roq La Rue's website.We are not maintaining a wait list for the prints.

Josh Keyes
"Exodus 1"
giclee on watercolor paper with hand deckled edges
18" x 24"  signed and numbered
edition of 50

All profit goes to Big Life Foundation, a organization that is actively combating wildlife poaching in east Africa. The image was graciously donated by Josh Keyes, and the print run was donated by Roq La Rue Gallery. This means every cent of the print goes direct to help wildlife. You can learn more about Big Life HERE

That's a lot of cheddar for the animals and we thank Josh endlessly for donating his image for this very worthy cause.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ryan Heshka Sneak Peek!

Ryan Heshka will be returning to the gallery this December for a solo show (also showing: Femke Hiemstra) and here is a sneak peek look at one of his new paintings. He will offering up a few paintings in a much larger format that usual and we are really excited to reveal the new work!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Up Next! Josh Keyes and John Brophy

Next month we welcome Josh Keyes and John Brophy back to the gallery. This should be a real showstopper of an exhibition, and opens on Friday, November 9th!
( Stay tuned for some exciting Josh Keyes news!)
Here is a sneak peek of work from Josh's upcoming exhibit "The Circus and The Sea", and John Brophy's exhibit "New Songs For The Standard Model".

Josh Keyes " Carousel " acrylic on panel

John Brophy " Valkyrie " oil on panel

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Marco Mazzoni Intro Video

Gallery B15 in Copenhagen interviewed Marco Mazzoni. The video gives a nice insight into Marco's thought process when he is creating his work...see his solo show at Roq La Rue opening October 12th!

Joseph Park "Pureheart" Teaser Video

Joseph Park made this fun little teaser video about the concept behind his new show (i.e. his "prizmism" technique). Contact us to be placed on a preview list!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Up Next! Joseph Park and Marco Mazzoni

We are thrilled to kick off Roq La Rue's fall season with two solo shows.
 We are very pleased to present a solo show by Seattle artist Joseph Park. A masterful painter with several successful shows and museum exhibitions under his belt, including the Frye Art Museum and the Portland Art Museum. Joseph will be unveiling a new series of works entitled "Pureheart", in which he presents a new painting style called "Prizmism".
The approach is a hybrid of two concepts, creating a collusion in which organic forms are viewed through the lens of technology and digitization, referencing the new ways we are coming to see the world. Park has been inspired by both the writings of J.G. Ballard’s ‘A Crystal World' - a world in which life is suspended in perpetual stasis, as well as essays on the New Aesthetic, a current theme in cultural criticism that explores the eruption of the digital.
At it's heart, Prizmism is achieved through a series of paint layers. Each layer, while containing different visual information, combines with the other to reveal a deeper, richer image once the viewer becomes immersed in the paintings. This is his first show in Seattle in years and we are beyond thrilled to be hosting this dynamic painter at Roq La Rue.

We will also be exhibiting Italian artist Marco Mazzoni, in his new series entitled 'River Of Milk". Mazzoni creates beautifully disturbing drawings, dreamlike snapshots of faces flooded in an incandescent light as if in an overexposed photograph, and encircled by sumptuous flora and fauna. Using the symbology of the flowers and animals he depicts, Mazzoni references the ancient myths of feminine power and the remaining fragments of previously suppressed holistic wisdom from his homeland. His work is completely rendered in colored pencils and ink, giving a muted stain glass quality to his rapturous yet witchy imagery. Despite his work being in vast demand this is his first US solo show and we are pleased to welcome him to the gallery.